7th APWG meeting – “Beautiful Anomalies” – Tartu, Estonia

7th meeting of the ICAZ Animal Palaeopathology Working Group

Department of Archaeology, Institute of History and Archaeology
University of Tartu, Jakobi Str. 2, Tartu, Estonia – 23–26 May 2019

For any queries, please contact:
Eve Rannamäe, everannamae@gmail.com OR icaz.apwg@gmail.com

  1. Abstract submission
  2. Registration
  3. Travel and accommodation
  4. Organising committee
  5. Organising institutions
  6. Supporters
  7. Preliminary program


Abstract submission

Please fill in the Word .doc file (downloadable HERE) and send it to everannamae@gmail.com by 15th February 2019. Oral presentations are planned to be 20 minutes plus time for discussion. Acceptance of the submission will be announced by email to the first/presenting author by 15th March.


Registration will open early 2019 and announced in ZOOARCH mailing list, here on the web page, and by email to the APWG mailing list group members.

Please note there is no official APWG membership. If you wish to make sure all relevant APWG news reach your mailbox, please let us know at the email addresses stated above and we will add you to the list.

Registration fee is estimated to be around 40 euro per participant and includes the conference package, coffee breaks, lunches and town excursion. Additional fees (field trip and conference dinner) will be announced later.

Travel and accommodation

All travel and accommodation is to be organised and payed by each participant themselves. Information and recommendations on travel and accommodation will be added here soon! All questions are also welcome at everannamae@gmail.com.

Organising committee

Eve Rannamäe – University of York, UK / University of Tartu, Estonia
Lembi Lõugas – Tallinn University, Estonia
Freydis Ehrlich – University of Tartu, Estonia
Martin Malve – University of Tartu, Estonia
William Taylor – Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Germany

Organising institutions

University of Tartu
Arheoloogiakeskus MTÜ (Archaeological Centre NGO)


Institute of History and Archaeology, University of Tartu

Preliminary program

Thursday, 23rd May (13.00-20.30)
Welcoming words and tour at the archaeology department and collections
Oral presentations
Coffee break
Oral presentations
Poster session

Friday, 24th May (09.00-21.00)
Tour and hands-on session in the Anatomy Museum (Estonian University of Life Sciences)
Oral presentations
Coffee break
Oral presentations
Poster session
Conference dinner

Saturday, 25th May (09.00-20.00)
Oral presentations
Coffee break
Oral presentations
Final discussion
Town excursions

Sunday, 26th May (09.00-21.00)
Field trip in southern Estonia
Preliminary program includes visits to the Elistvere Animal Park, Estonian native horse farm, Late Iron Age hillfort and Rõuge Viking Age experimental farm. Starting and finishing point is Tartu.